Claims Management Software

Solar Eclipse is the Claims Management software component in the TotalEclipse™ package and can be licensed for independent use. With an interface designed by our in-house claims specialists, Solar Eclipse offers multiple claims entry methods including; EDI imports in multiple supported formats, traditional keyed input, and an online FROI form for your customers to access directly.

Solar Eclipse features a reminders and alerts system as well as an extensive claim notes component that maintains tracking integrity and allows for easy access. Solar Eclipse also supports reserves management with color-coded warnings as part of a check printing approval process.

An industry-leading CMS management interface means there is never a need to visit the Medicare website for reporting submission or retrieval. Solar Eclipse flags those claims scheduled for quarterly reporting and bundles them together for transmission. A pre-approval process that replicates the CMS review allows for the early recognition and mitigation of rejections. Submission and retrieval are achieved with the click of a single button and rejections are displayed on a grid that provides error descriptions and the ability to correct and re-submit claims without ever navigating off of the page.

Claim data and document images can easily be collected and downloaded into zip format automatically for litigation and discovery compliance.

Payment Scheduling accommodates all standard pay schedules and integrates with the reminder system and the check-printing approval process to minimize delays in generating payments. Payment authorization limits allow for maximum fund management and accountability.

Robust reporting, including detailed loss runs, can be accessed by administrators or, where allowed, by customers themselves. Every screen is configurable for remote access allowing you to give your give your customers a highly customized yet tightly-controlled online experience.


Key Features

  • Online FROI with auto-claim creation
  • Payment Scheduling and Reserve Fund Management and Authorization
  • Reminders and Notes integration with each step of the process
  • One-Click CMS reporting, retrieval, and correction
  • Complete claim and document storage and easy retrieval for legal compliance
  • Detailed Loss Runs available online or in multiple formats
  • Complete control over customer access experience



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